Yoga at Dry Water


All our classes and workshops combine intelligently sequenced asanas (yoga postures) with breath awareness and relaxation techniques. Classes are responsive and sensitively structured to help you help yourself from the inside out.

  • Discover the importance of breath and movement

  • Learn some of the essential yoga postures (asanas) and sequences

  • Learn breathing practices and relaxation techniques

  • All equipment is provided

How To Book
There are limited places, so booking is essential for all the yoga classes and workshops.

Text or email your name and the yoga class/workshop title to the Booking Hotline 07542 141411 or send an email to

How To Pay
You can pay cash or card on the day.


“Yoga is an on going process of noticing, responding and inviting change. Finding freedom and a sense of balance in body and mind is as good as it gets. As I keep saying in all my classes, I practice yoga because it feels great”


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Yoga Soma Flow with Paula Turner

Tuesdays: 6.15 pm to 7.30pm
Cost: £7 per class

Paula’s approach encourages you to listen to your body rather than obeying instructions or trying to copy a pose. The intention is to move with increased ease and efficiency promoting vitality and expressiveness on and off the mat. Paula combines yoga with somatics, which essentially means to listen to the body, to take time to breath and to take note of how you are moment to moment.

The class provides challenges to the mobility, flexibility and strength of body and mind through carefully considered/crafted sequences.

Great for beginners. Open to people of all ages (from 18 upwards).


Being Yoga with Paula Turner

Wednesdays: 1.30 to 2.30pm
Cost: £6 per class

Explore yoga in a way that suits YOUR body…..

These classes are designed to promote easeful movement, inner calm and outward ease. Explore healthy alignment via the yogic principles of steadiness and ease.

Paula is committed to sharing approaches which encourage an understanding of the unity of the body. Yoga is a way in which you can begin to better listen to your body and move with a sense of containment and balance.

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

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Chair Flair Yoga with Paula Turner

Tuesdays: 10am to 10.45am
Cost: £5 or pay what you feel

Many traditional yoga poses can be challenging for the knees and hips. This class will ensure you get all the benefits of a well rounded yoga practice by fully utilising the creative possibilities of a chair. Sitting will never be the same again!

Breathe, Stretch, Strengthen, Lengthen and Relax.

Perfect for beginners or anyone with knee/hip injuries or restrictions.



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Yoga Nidra is practice which encourages deep relaxation. A typical session includes some gentle whole body movement followed by a guided meditation. The practice itself is done lying down and is said to be highly beneficial for easing stress, relieving anxiety and encouraging a more expansive experience of time. 

Paula Turner, Dry Water co-founder, comments "Increasingly we all seem to live in a world where we chase time. Yoga Nidra has the unique effect of allowing us to expand time and truly dwell in each moment". Paula contributed to an article on yoga Nidra for Yoga Matters which you can read here:

We generally offer one to two yoga Nidra sessions a month, they are very popular so be sure to book your places. You can find details of the next Nidra workshops above as well as on our Events Page.