Curiosity Cafe - Our Dementia Positive Programme 

“When I’m here I don’t have dementia, I’m free”

Curiosity Cafe is our flagship dementia positive programme. It puts people living with dementia, their carers and families at the heart of every activity. It is a dynamic and joyous programme developed via direct consultation with the people who live with dementia.

Our collective aim is to change the story and negative stereotypes often associated with dementia and to show what is possible in the here and now.

Curiosity Cafe runs on Tuesdays from 11am til 3pm, but places are limited and tailored to personal needs - booking is therefore essential.

To find out about the programme, please contact us.

tel: 07542 141411

A Space at the Table- carers talk about what it is like caring for partners with Dementia.

A film by Hexham TV in association with Dry Water Arts


Good Coffee Doing Good

Do you love good coffee?

Did you know drinking coffee can make good things happen?

Help to support our dementia positive programme buy buying our delicious Curiosity Coffee. A special blend roasted here in Amble by the wonderful Mocha Mondo Coffee Team.